Ferry Corsten teams up with Gabriel & Dresden for the unifying ‘I Am You’Iamyou

Ferry Corsten teams up with Gabriel & Dresden for the unifying ‘I Am You’

Ferry Corsten continues his collaborative project, UNITY, with a joint effort alongside the long-serving dance maestros Gabriel & Dresden in “I Am You,” a slow-burning trance epic that pushes the standard conceptions of the genre.

“I Am You” is a welcome reminder that trance is more about a feeling instilled by the music than just a blistering tempo with titanic drops. The track clocks in at a housier 128bpm, and while the constant churn of its marching beat and kinetic acid synthwork gives the release the pump it needs to turn heads, it’s the surprisingly human robo-vocals that are bound to steal hearts.

I am you

You are me

Open your eyes to what could be…

Corsten debuted UNITY last year with “Slice of Heaven,” a single alongside none other than Paul Oakenfold, and has since teamed up with the likes of BT, Alpha 9, and Markus Schulz in the name of the project. UNITY isn’t only about bringing top tier DJs together, however, as Corsten has teamed up with VH1’s Save The Music Foundation, donating proceeds from streams and shows towards tech-grants to help children reach their utmost potential through the power of music.

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