Gorgon City mesmerize with new single, ‘Roped In’ [Stream]Gorgon City Delicious

Gorgon City mesmerize with new single, ‘Roped In’ [Stream]

“Roped In” isn’t just the title of Gorgon City‘s latest–it’s also a description of the hold that it exerts on listeners. The cut’s unusual rhythmic structure causes it to stand apart from the slew of fellow recently released house records. It’s an imaginative diversion from the commercial brand of house music that’s presently pervading mainstream circles, and Gorgon City are deft in their deviation.

Gorgon City’s emphasis on building anticipation and subsequently eliciting an exclamation from the crowd is evident in “Roped In’s” arrangement. Agile beats deftly scale up and down. They slow and they accelerate, climaxing in tantalizing crescendos. There’s something Prydz-ian about the deliberateness of each mount and descent of “Roped In” that suggests that the stimulating quality of the song would only further augment in a live setting.

Some listeners will already be familiar with the immersive live potential of “Roped In”; Gorgon City debuted the track as an ID at Burning Man and later incorporated it into several of their sets. “Roped In” is the magnetic successor to Gorgon City’s collaboration with MK, “There For You.”

Photo credit: Gorgon City/Facebook

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