Ja Rule officially cleared in Fyre Fest lawsuitCulture FyreFestival3

Ja Rule officially cleared in Fyre Fest lawsuit

Ja Rule‘s name is officially cleared in the $100 million Fyre Festival lawsuit. Multiple reports confirm that the rapper will not face charges in the messy fallout from the failed festival.

The judge overseeing the case dropped Ja Rule’s name from the lawsuit because he was believed to not be unaware of the major details that led to Fyre Fest’s demise.

In a recent interview on the Wendy Williams Show, the embattled rapped admitted that he is interested in throwing another event of similar nature, with the right partners of course. He also expressed his frustration with the way he was initially implicated in the fallout, saying, “If it had went off without a hitch, everybody would have said, ‘Oh, look at this great thing that they did.’ Not, ‘Ja Rule thought of it, came to them with the great idea, and they funded it.’ … As soon as it blow up, ‘Look what Ja Rule did.’ How does that work?”

While Ja Rule walks free, Fyre’s mastermind Billy McFarland is serving six years in prison for fraud charges.

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