Kasbo shares serene new single, ‘I Get You’Kasbo Photo Credit Carter Howe

Kasbo shares serene new single, ‘I Get You’

A rosy record constitutes Kasbo‘s reentry to the release circuit. Entitled “I Get You,” the production is the emotive chord weaver’s first single in more than a year and notably his first original since 2018’s highly lauded Places We Don’t Know. It’s melodically plush, a fluid and euphoric epitome of the sound that Kasbo has cultivated: immersive indie-dance music that rushes through speakers in a rich flood, enveloping streamers. Singer-songwriter Lizzy Land lends her vocals to “I Get You.”

The track’s title alludes to the concept that guided its development, absolute and total understanding of another person, which, some might say, is intimacy at its very core.

“The heart of the song is about seeing and understanding someone completely when others can’t,” Lizzy Land said. The cohesion of “I Get You’s” Kasbo-supplied production and both Lizzy Land’s vocal and lyrical premise speaks for itself and says, collaboratively, Kasbo and Lizzy Land “got” each other on this one.

Photo credit: Carter Howe

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