Louis The Child set new single ‘Free’ [Stream]Games 4 Galen Oakes

Louis The Child set new single ‘Free’ [Stream]

The phrase “at least” almost always anticipates the speaker’s, or in this case the singer’s, acknowledgement of a silver lining, and that’s precisely the focus of Louis The Child‘s latest single, “Free.”

The romantic cut casts a lyrical glance back in time to reflect on a love that couldn’t sustain its circumstances. It’s a melancholy meditation on a relationship that once was. The story is propelled by the love’s unrequited orator, vocalist, Drew Love. For all of its aching rumination, “Free” is buoyed by the optimistic admission of the hook: “At least you’re free.”

Louis The Child spoke on lending their electronic production to the emotional intent behind driving its narrative.

“We tried about 20 million different drops for this song because we knew we had to have the production match that emotion,” Louis The Child said.

Shimmering melodies add a tonal lightness to the track that extends through the energetic stutter of the rhythm at “Free’s” breakdowns. The single follows Louis The Child’s lauded remix of Skrillex and Boys Noize‘s “Midnight Hour.”

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