NGHTMRE taps Gunna for latest hip-hop offering, ‘CASH COW’NGHTMRE Gunna

NGHTMRE taps Gunna for latest hip-hop offering, ‘CASH COW’

NGHTMRE is keeping his portfolio of music diverse with newest release “CASH COW” featuring Gunna. The single is a Hip Hop release, and it is a refreshing change of pace for listeners who are a fan of NGHTMRE’s ability to produce a wide variety of musical genres.

Many electronic producers have diversified their sound by releasing cross genre singles. These songs frequently enlist elements of non-electronic genres but fuse them with electronic drops. Unlike many electronic music producers who release cross-genre singles, NGHTMRE is known to release strictly Hip Hop singles with no electronic elements juxtaposed with his heavy hitting electronic output.

“CASH COW” is an example of one of NGHTMRE’s strictly Hip Hop releases thanks to its simple and catchy note progression that builds around Gunna’s lyrics. Gunna’s rapping serving as the focal point of the release, and the low BPM makes the track the antithesis of what fans could expect to be featured in NGHTMRE’s live sets. “CASH COW” would find a perfect home in a Hip Hop club.

The single follows NGHTMRE’s recent collaboration with Grabbitz, “Bruises,” which is contrastingly melodic. “CASH COW” is out now via Ultra Records.

Photo supplied by Ultra Music

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