Premiere: Take a drive deep into the night with Essenger’s ‘After Dark’After Dark 11 4 B E1574783088665

Premiere: Take a drive deep into the night with Essenger’s ‘After Dark’

Following a slew of successful releases earlier this year, Kansas City-based artist Essenger is back to kick off his forthcoming LP with its title track, “After Dark.”

“After Dark” is a beautifully moody synthwave-oriented release, featuring the artist’s own melancholy vocals. Essenger drives his listeners deep into the unpredictable dark of night, beginning with a dreamy melody that drifts throughout the song. His voice gracefully sets the tone for the nostalgic soundscape he’s built over the course of the song’s duration. A shadowy drop adds to the overall mystery, and a powerful guitar melody near the end closes the song on an authoritative note.

Monstercat fans will likely recognize his name from August’s “Berzerker” with Mazare, and Seeking Blue fans will remember his voice from Dabin‘s “Home.” In addition to these high-profile projects, the producer has been hard at work over the course of the year on solo projects like “Dissolve,” “Quivira,” and “Afterburner.”

Essenger’s After Dark album drops in January via FiXT Neon. View a teaser for the upcoming music video for “After Dark” below.

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