SNBRN and Lucati release cool house heater, ‘DMs’SNBRN Press Image

SNBRN and Lucati release cool house heater, ‘DMs’

SNBRN has teamed up with Lucati and vocalist 1993 on their new house cooler, “DMs,” released via Ultra Records. The track summarizes the important messages sent through social media direct messaging, or DMs as colloquially known. With a groovy bassline driving the sound, 1993’s voice swims alongside the walking low end melody as the house percussion completes the exoskeleton of the project. A surprise whistle playfully interrupts for a well-rounded house heater.

Hailing from Los Angeles, SNBRN is known for his catchy deep house sound. His originals such as “Raindrops” and “Gangsta Walk” with Nate Dogg alongside infectious remixes that include Bebe Rexha‘s “I Got You” are a testament to his delicate technique and playful narrative development. “DMs” looks to follow that trend, supplementing the artists deep house repertoire.

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