Stefan Seay brings the past to the present via his ‘Chicago’ EP on Understated RecordingsIMG 3980

Stefan Seay brings the past to the present via his ‘Chicago’ EP on Understated Recordings

Chicago is the birthplace of house music. It’s an undisputed fact. Music historians can trace qualities of Detroit (mo-town), New York (disco), and a variety of regions in the prelude to its culmination, but Chicago is where all those different elements coalesced for the first time into the phenomenon that is enjoyed by millions today.

And because Chicago can and will maintain this title for as long as house music exists, the city’s influence touches every single sub-genre that followed, including deep house, tech house, progressive house. It all finds its way back to Chicago.

Stefan Seay sought to honor the history of The Windy City with his latest EP which is named after just that: Chicago. In addition to his original mix that hones to the more raw, bass-driven sound of house, Understated Recordings saw fit to include four remixes in the package as well. Each of them harkens back to a different era in the genre’s evolution.

Michael Fam‘s “You Know What’s Up Remix” offers a breakbeat solution to the typical Chicago equation. Dominic Marceux digs deep into the funky, jazzy stylings of the ’80s and ’90s. Julian Montenegro’s take is one of straight-up grooves. And to close, WhereisFenix pays homage to the inclusive spirit of house music by infusing his remix with some New York flavor, hence the apt title “WhereisFenix’s Dub From The 718.”

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