The Van Gogh Disco and other artistic looks at  Museum Night in Amsterdam [Review]Museumnight

The Van Gogh Disco and other artistic looks at Museum Night in Amsterdam [Review]

Amsterdam’s annual Museum Night (Museumnacht in Dutch) is a work of art entirely within itself.

The event not only gives attendees access to 55 of the city’s grandest and most nuanced museums for the price of a single ticket (about 20 euro), but re-envisions many of the city’s spaces for a nightlife-conducive affair, hosting DJs, dance performances, film screenings, and single-night art exhibits.

Take the coveted Van Gogh Museum, where the lobby was turned into a funkified dance party fueled by a variety of gin & tonics—a scene straight out of Williamsburg. For a break from the music however, attendees are free to step away and wander the several stories of the Dutch impressionist’s revolutionary work. This was the case all around the city, giving those involved the unique opportunity to get loose and museum hop their way through Amsterdam’s cultural backdrop.

The evening presents the opportunity to experience the majority of the city’s standout museums in a single gulp, from the Anne Frank House (which hosted an acoustic concert as well as writing workshops), to the Rijksmuseum (Amsterdam’s haven for modern art); but the true charm of Museum Night is found in the nooks and crannies stumbled onto along the way. Whether that’s an electro party spilling onto the streets in front of the Diamond Museum, or the Museum Ons’ Lieve Heer op Solder, a 17th century church that now resides tucked into an attic in the Red Light District, is entirely up to you. But therein lies the beauty of Museum Night, it gives you a palette and an easel and lets you paint the night however you see fit.

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