TNGHT release third track  from impending return EP, ‘First Body’Tnght

TNGHT release third track from impending return EP, ‘First Body’

TNGHT continue their comeback season with the second single from their impending II follow-up album of their 2012 self-titled debut EP. The track is called “First Body,” and it follows the previously released “Dollaz,” set to both be packaged alongside the full-length on Nov. 12.

With a variety of wind instruments, the trap-leaning track dips its toes into a snake-charming melody, alternating between a more airy flute and a pungi sound for the hook. Low-octave vocal chops join in on the melody for the second verse, while the track dives into its cobra hypnosis chorus with a bed of thumping kicks and clicking high-end percussion.

The seven-year reuniting was also followed by a tasteful BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix showing off the duo’s newfound eclectic taste. The pair broke their silence with the single “Serpent,” which leaned a bit more experimental though still hit a peak energy with thumping 808s. “Dollaz” and “First Body” seamlessly pick-up where TNGHT left off, revisiting their signature maximalist hip-hop-inspired trap.

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