Walker & Royce take on Dom Dolla’s ‘San Frandisco’Walker And Royce Press Photo Trevor Thompson

Walker & Royce take on Dom Dolla’s ‘San Frandisco’

Dom Dolla‘s “San Frandisco” was a gamechanger for the Australian producer. While he’d been on the rise for quite sometime before its release, the megahit secured his place among the global elite, raking in millions of streams and earning support from Pete Tong to Diplo. Now, the time has come for the piece to be re-worked, and New York duo Walker & Royce have stepped up to bat.

They’ve done a fine job in twisting “San Frandisco” into a piece of their own, taking the grittier house elements Dom Dolla laid on the table and integrating them into a steamy, extraterrestrial cut made for the peak time. Hollow synths and futuristic beeps are superimposed over the original’s melodic progressions, with cheeky vocal bits woven in at just the right moments to increase the song’s energy. The breakdown is breezy as ever, serving as sweet “eye of the storm” before Walker & Royce bring the chaos back post-drop. A suitable follow-up indeed to their enormous debut on Diplo‘s newly christened label, Higher Ground.

Photo credit: Trevor Thompson

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