Xilent and VRJAM pioneer first virtual reality DJ setilent2

Xilent and VRJAM pioneer first virtual reality DJ set

Virtual reality concerts have officially arrived on consumers’ doorsteps. While bigger festivals like Glastonbury and Coachella have already been experimenting with the technology in the live music space, dubstep producer Xilent recently became the first electronic artist to perform an entire, realtime set through this media. The artist paired with VRJAM and Agora for the stream, where they used custom CGI technology to fashion a nightclub environment for guests.

Fans were treated to a medley of bassy tunes from the Monstercat signee, who’d just completed a milestone mix for Diplo’s revolution. Those tuning in were able to select their own avatars for the gathering, adding a more personalized touch to the show. As VR continues to develop, we’re likely to see a growing niche of events of this type in the electronic music realm and beyond.

H/T: DJ Mag

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