Zomboy is back with brutal dubstep original, ‘Archangel’Zomboy 2017 Cr Chelone Wolf Billboard 1548

Zomboy is back with brutal dubstep original, ‘Archangel’

A staple in the bass music scene, Zomboy is known and loved for his consistently innovative sound design and wildly powerful drops. 2019 has already been an amazing year for fans, with the release of EPs Rott N’ Roll: Part 2 and Rott N’ Roll Part 2: Remixed, as well as DJ Snake collaboration “Quiet Storm.” With the year quickly coming to a close, the world has received another coveted Zomboy original, courtesy of dubstep super-label Never Say Die.

After opening with a series of eerie individual synths, “Archangel” expands into a full cinematic intro before quickly moving into a tense buildup. The drop begins with Zomboy’s signature vocal tag, followed by utter chaos as deep growls and high-pitched screeches intertwine. Sure to edge its way into major festivals and shows around the world, take a listen now before it inevitably makes its way into countless DJ sets.

Photo credit: Chelone Wolf

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