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Amazon introduces AI music-making keyboard, AWS DeepComposer

Amazon has introduced its latest innovation, the AWS DeepComposer. “A musical keyboard powered by AI,” the DeepComposer will be the world’s first machine learning-enabled keyboard and will assist developers of all skill levels in creating music. As of late, the tech giant has moved heavily into its expansion of music industry-related endeavors—launching Intersect Festival and preparing to enter the high-definition streaming game.

DeepComposer’s system has the ability to generate complete tracks based on a single melody. The 32-key keyboard uses two networks, the generator and discriminator model, to interchangeably train one another. The system can generate songs ranging across genres including rock, pop, jazz, and classical through adding instruments and structures accordingly. Developers can choose to build their own custom genres as well.

Additional features include exploring pre-trained sample models in the console, building custom generative models with Amazon SageMaker, creating with DAWs, and uploading DeepComposer creations directly to SoundCloud.

DeepComposer will be available soon for $99. Access preview sign-up here.

H/T: Resident Advisor

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