AMTRAC soars on upcoming LP’s debut single, ‘Between The Lines’AMTRAC Photo Credit Grant Spanier

AMTRAC soars on upcoming LP’s debut single, ‘Between The Lines’

As 2019 comes to a close, many producers look to the new year for new beginnings and—if fans are lucky—a whole slew of new tunes. This looks to be true for AMTRAC, who’s revealed the debut single from his forthcoming sophomore album, landing in early 2020.

“Between The Lines” is a heavenly preview of what’s been nearly nine years in the making. AMTRAC recorded his own vocals for this one and opens the track with a dramatic piano melody, thrumming bassline, and infectious lyrics. A sparkling synth theme leads the listener into the more dance music-oriented segment of the song, demonstrating the artist’s production range.

“It’s been a lot of trial and error, things coming together and falling apart, not really feeling comfortable with it,” the producer told Billboard about the forthcoming album. “I finally got to a place where it feels like it needs to get out there, because I can’t just keep working on it forever.”

Oddyssey is due out in early 2020.

Photo credit: Grant Spanier

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