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Avicii Invector game launches in his memory

Avicii’s dream and vision to spread positivity and joy through music has been carried on by friends, family, and colleagues, with yet another one of the artist’s unfinished projects coming to final fruition.

First hitting gamer radar’s in 2015, Avicii’s Invector game has officially launched on Xbox One, PlayStation4, PC platforms, and will be available on Nintendo switch in 2020. The game features 25 of the prolific artists’ tracks. Players navigate through different landscapes to the beat of the music.

Tim’s father, Klas Bergling, has been a strong advocate in carrying on his son’s legacy. Knowing how much Tim’s art meant to people around the world, Bergling recently said he hopes that “this rhythm game – with more than two dozen of Tim’s songs – will give joy to his fans.”

All of the game’s net proceeds will be donated to The Tim Bergling Foundation, which aims to strike the stigma surrounding discussions of mental health and recognizing suicide as a global health emergency. Tim’s devotion to his art and his fans lives on in many ways, and Avicii’s Invector is another way to honor the late artists’ life mission.

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