Burning Man festival sues federal government, cites overcharging feesBurning Man

Burning Man festival sues federal government, cites overcharging fees

Since 1990, the quite literally scorching Burning Man festival has drawn droves to the deserts of Nevada to celebrate the best of music, art, and the spirit of legendary event. The festival has historically hosted on public grounds, renting space from the government. Now, Black Rock City LLC (the company behind Burning Man) is suing the Bureau of Land Management for raises in fees and “inflated and unnecessary costs on [Black Rock City] without providing adequate justification.”

According to The Hill, the BLM’s overcharging has been an issue for four years and the lawsuit is Black Rock City’s “attempt to break the cycle.” However, despite the recent suit, the event brand has filed a total of six separate appeals in attempt to overturn the average $3 million annual cost it pays towards securing Burning Man festival grounds, as well as the BLM’s aggressively increasing fee for providing law enforcement and general oversight of the land. In 2012 BRC paid the BLM $1.4 million in total expenses. The following year the fee increased to $2.9 million with only a 4% increase in Burning Man attendees.

In a public complaint regarding the lawsuit, BRC writes that the BLM and interior department are guilty of “ongoing, unlawful, and prejudicial conduct … that threatens the viability of the iconic Burning Man Event.” The complaint also states that Burning Man has paid nearly $21 million since only 2015 to use the land required for the festival.

Burning Man 2020 begins in August with the theme of multiverse.

Photo Credit: Andy Barron

H/t: Reno Gazete Journal

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