Com Truise reveals Anatasia Kristensen remixes of ‘Persuasion System’Anastasia Kristensen Photo Credit Only By Nght

Com Truise reveals Anatasia Kristensen remixes of ‘Persuasion System’

The namesake for Com Truise‘s latest album made its debut in April of 2019 on Ghostly International. The dreamy, synth-filled “Persuasion System” paved the way for the dynamic nine-track LP that would follow a month after and caught the attention of Com Truise fans and beyond.

To cap off the year, “Persuasion System” has received a two-track rework treatment from Russian producer Anastasia Kristensen. She’s concocted a six-minute initial remix of the track and a four-minute “ambient rework” to give fans a chance to digest the iconic song in new ways. The former is a slowed-down, tech-heavy take on Com Truise’s original, giving the song a darker, more industrial tone. Her “ambient rework” is a minimalist deconstruction of “Persuasion System,” leading listeners down a eerier, introspective path.

“When I’ve heard ‘Persuasion System’ first time I – couldn’t help, but ask to make a remix,” Kristensen said in a Facebook post. “So glad we made this work.”

Photo credit: ONLY BY NGHT

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