Dastan entrances with mesmerizing tech-driven mix, ‘WINTER 2019’ [Stream]IMG 6889

Dastan entrances with mesmerizing tech-driven mix, ‘WINTER 2019’ [Stream]

It’s a marathon, not a race. That much can be said about the four-hour dive into the churning technics of Dastan‘s underground sound, “WINTER 2019.” Simultaneously highly textured and refined from start to titillating finish–no small feat for a four hour outing–the mix melds IDs of Dastan’s own making with piercing, tech-oriented inclusions.

WINTER 2019’s framework is, in large part, a cohesive rendering of fervently pulsating beats. Synths agilely punctuate the endeavor, and vocals, which make their inaugural entrance around the eight minute mark, provide a pillowy choral contrast to the sharper character of “WINTER 2019’s” rhythmic and synth play.

What I can say about the process that went into putting this mix together started with a feeling of family. I pulled from my biggest inspirations of the year so that their music would have another place to shine. From there, it was a pleasure to just drop into a flow and mix this one out. It really felt natural.


Dastan ups the affective ante halfway into “WINTER 2019.” Two hours deep into the mesmerizing display of Dastan’s curative finesse, “WINTER 2019” morphs into a slightly more upbeat sonic animal. The subtle yet perceptible shift is deftly executed, such that the change feels a natural amplification of the foundation that Dastan’s already laid. Crowd captivation is Dastan’s forte, and “WINTER 2019” an extended example of his capacity to capture and unceasingly hold listeners’ attention.

Streamers unfamiliar with the deep house and techno purveyor ought to become acquainted with Dastan, who, for the past four years, has delivered dance music flavored by “a strong Middle Eastern and tribal flair” throughout the District. In addition to his residencies over the years at Washington, D.C.’s Flash Nightclub and Eighteenth Street Lounge, among other venues in the nation’s capital, Dastan has carved out an ample niche for himself in the festival scene.

Between 2018 and 2019, Dastan covered a considerable amount of ground, appearing at Burning Man, Catharsis, Dimensions, Carribean destination festival, Vujaday, and Belgium’s Tomorrowland. Of note, Dastan has served as the Boom, Belgium based event’s Global Journey DJ for the past two years.

The smooth beat spinner’s sets carry a darkly potent pulchritude; these live efforts evidence his acute ear for culturally inflected sound, carried forth to the rhythm of sauntering beats. WINTER 2019 follows Dastan’s SUMMER 2019 seasonal mix installment, featured in vol. 23 of Dancing Astronaut’s 5 Under 15k serial.

Listeners in the Tri-state area can catch Dastan live at BangOn!‘s Time + Space New Year’s Eve 2020 event at the Knockdown Center on December 31.

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