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Dexter’s Beat Laboratory Vol. 120

Dexter’s Beat Laboratory is a weekly collection of songs from DA managing editor Robyn Dexter. With a taste that can only be described as eclectic—to say nothing of a name that lends itself to punnery—DA is happy to present a selection of tracks personally curated by Dexter for your listening pleasure.

Listen in playlist format here

Feint’s “Vagrant” is a drum ‘n’ bass classic. The late 2015 release with Veela thrilled Liquicity listeners upon its original debut, and it’s remained near and dear to Feint fans since then. Slovenian producer Smooth has put his own spin on the beloved track, refreshing it and giving fans a new angle from which to appreciate it.

AWOLTALK is helping lead the US drum ‘n’ bass scene, and he’s doing it in a big way. His most recent creation is a remix of chart-topping Billie Eilish and her song “Everything I Wanted.” He takes Eilish’s moody vocals and backs them with a racing rhythm that somehow complements the sonic atmosphere of the tune. It’s addicting.

Hot Date’s new EP is an adventure in all things funk. The three-track Lonely Heart compilation arrived on Dec. 3, comprised of an assortment of groovy elements that make it completely irresistible. The second track “So Good,” catches the listener’s ear with its funky leading melody and introduces mighty vocals to make it even more endearing.

Gareth Emery returns to Monstercat to deliver a collaboration with Kovic, “Somebody.” A delicate guitar melody kicks off the tune, and the singer’s moving voice showcases the heartfelt emotion behind the lyrics. Emery’s production is subdued in the verses but shines in the gorgeously atmospheric chorus.

Spanish producer Dosem follows up his recent EP with a tantalizing remix of Yotto‘s “Hyperlude.” The Anjunadeep release clocks in at more than six minutes, giving fans a chance to dive deep into the world Dosem’s creating in his rendition. It’s both dark and uplifting—a fine line that Dosem walks with style.

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