Dillon Francis and Diplo put tastebuds to the test on ‘Hot Ones’Dillon Francis Diplo Rukes

Dillon Francis and Diplo put tastebuds to the test on ‘Hot Ones’

YouTube’s equivalent of Fallon (with 80 times the heat), Hot Ones is the only talk show with the gall to put its guests in not just conversational discomfort, but physical comfort as well, a quite literal hot seat, if you will. Host Sean Evans conducts his interviews in traditional fashion, with one exception: Both he and his guest eat a hot wing after every question, graduating in heat as the interview beats on.

The painfully entertaining online series has hosted the likes of celebrities from all walks of showbiz, from Kevin Hart to the Mayor of Flavortown himself, Guy Fieri. It’s the show that bred the infamous DJ Snake disapproval meme, for context.

Evans has now served up a hefty shot of EDM double trouble with the show’s latest victims, Dillon Francis and Diplo. The pair must answer a series of questions, via the show’s Truth or Dab segment, ranging from mild to flamin’ hot in regards to level of controversy (i.e., harmless, albeit insufferable industry trends vs. the wildly contentious waters of outing ghost producers). It’s only fitting the twosome appear together, given their longstanding friendship and Dillon’s tenure releasing on Diplo’s Mad Decent label housing. Viewers are in for a torrential treat.

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