Dr. Fresch and BIJOU release G-house heater, ‘Get Back’Dr Fresch Bijou Photo Credit Lanre Akomolafe E1576082973217

Dr. Fresch and BIJOU release G-house heater, ‘Get Back’

G-house parters in crime Dr. Fresch and BIJOU have taken another job on their bouncing club thumper, “Get Back,” released on Tchami‘s CONFESSION label.

The pitbull with a heavy lock chain on the artwork is a good representation of the ferocity of the track that immediately hits with a sharp kick and fearless bassline. The vocals serve as a warning, with a Baltimore club loop repeating “bitch get back” for the contagious verse before being hit in the face with a fattened bassline and percussive vocals. Later on in the hook, a sprinkle of synths is used to lighten the atmosphere for a bit of a deep house touch to the G-house canvas. The second drop is worth the wait, as the vocal chops come at rapid rates.

“‘Get Back’ is no doubt a special record for us both!” Dr. Fresch says in a press release. “The real narrative is about two friends and artists coming back to their roots as G-House producers to make something that represents their true colors. I am so proud of this record. Ben and I sat down to create something that is truly, well, us. This record is us leaning into the sound that made us fall in love with who we are as artists. Also, as Ben pointed out to me the other week—we came kicking down the doors of 2019 with Kung Fu, and now 2020 is upon us and it’s time for us to ‘Get Back’ to our sound. I am so excited to deliver this record to our fans, and to be releasing it with CONFESSION—I have so much appreciation for Tchami and the whole team for getting behind our vision!”

“It was a very special week with Tony where ‘Get Back’ came to life,” BIJOU notes in the same release. “We were locked away in northern California with no internet, no phones, just the two of us having fun making the music that we love. Our goal with this one was to make the most banging G-House record that had ever been done. Once we had the baseline built out, the rest of the record came seamlessly and we knew we had a banger on our hands! After road testing at EDC the following week it was a done deal and we couldn’t wait to get this one out. I can’t be happier to make my CONFESSION debut with one of my best friends to cap off an amazing year!”

BIJOU started his own label this year, Do Not Duplicate Recordings, to merge the styles of infectious basslines carefully selected hip-hop vocals for a complementary merging of styles. The label ultimately seeks to showcases the rise of the G-house scene by the Phoenix native and Dr. Fresch.

Photo credit: Lanre Akomolafe

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