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Flume opens up about ‘Hi, this is Flume’ in GQ Australia interview

Every aspect of Flume‘s career has been a highly gratifying journey—from his humble beginnings as a pioneering future bass producer to his pivotal Grammy win and of course, his return. However, the burden of that success proved to be more difficult than on the surface, as Flume detailed in a new interview with GQ Australia. While in town to play an exclusive Louis Vuitton party, Flume sat down with GQ Australia and opened up about the process behind Hi, this is Flume.

In regards to the profound success of his 2017 album, Skin, the Aussie artist reflected on the subsequent pressures that it came with specifically his ability to create music of similar growth potential.

“Everything I put out just kept growing exponentially, to the point where I freaked out about putting something out that might not grow,” the artist said during the interview.

Flume also revealed his motivation behind not only the choice of releasing a mixtape, but also the naming of it. A decision influenced by the pressures of an album as well as his inclination for experimentation, Hi, this is Flume poses the question of fluidity in terms of what exactly an album is supposed to represent in the current music scene.

“I mean, Kanye is releasing seven-track albums, people are releasing 20-minute albums. The mixtape is 40 minutes long, which is the length of a typical album, and apart from the remix [of SOPHIE’s ‘Is it cold in the water?’] it’s honestly no different to an album. It’s like, what is anything anymore?” said Flume.

Acutely aware of the necessary business side of the industry, Flume admits the irony assigned to his mixtape’s title—a projection of his hatred towards the mechanical process in radio rotation.

He says, “I’d just sit in this room for hours doing all of these lines for radio stations, like, ‘Hi this is Flume and you’re listening to blah blah blah’ and I hated it. I was like, ‘what the fuck am I doing? What is my life now? It’s like turned into this whole other beast.”

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