G Jones stuns with sonic epilogue to ‘The Ineffable Truth,’ ‘Tangential Zones’ [Stream]G Jones Photo Credit Lauren Marrone

G Jones stuns with sonic epilogue to ‘The Ineffable Truth,’ ‘Tangential Zones’ [Stream]

With the 2018 release of his debut LP, The Ineffable Truth, G Jones laid claim to the classification “bass visionary.” History repeats itself on Tangential Zones.

The producer’s self-proclaimed “epilogue” to last year’s seminal showing, G Jones’ latest long-form electronic endeavor sees him spread his anomalous approach to low-end animation across five album inclusions. Two of them, “Dark Artifact” and “Drift (Acid Mix),” preceded Tangential Zones, offering glimpses of the forward thinking bass that G Jones would later deliver.

From both singles, listeners could discern that Tangential Zones would be a tightly stitched, highly textured delve into bass constructions. As the previously unreleased inclusions, “Immortal Light,” “Dream Fatigue,” and “See Right Through,” illustrate in tandem with the two album predecessors, Tangential Zones is just that.

From its frenetic, scurrying beats to its quirky samples (for reference, the shattering glass in the LP’s opening number), Tangential Zones is the musical petri dish that captures and places G Jones’ cerebral, inventive style on display. Listeners, it’s time to look. Tangential Zones is out now via G Jones’ imprint, Illusory Records.

Photo credit: Lauren Marrone

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