Gershon Kingsley, synth legend, dead at 97Gerson Kingsley

Gershon Kingsley, synth legend, dead at 97

A driving force of music’s synthesizer popularity in the 1960s, German-American composer Gershon Kingsley died last week in his home in Manhattan, New York. Kingsley was 97 years old.

He is notable for his establishment of and appearance in Perrey-Kingsley, a production pair that included French composer, Jean-Jacques Perrey. Of note, Perrey-Kingsley was one of the first electronically dedicated acts to appeal to audiences beyond its dance-centric target. Kingsley later initiated his solo career with the release of the Music To Moog By in 1969, famous of course for its master employment of the Moog synthesizer. In finding the First Moog Quartet, Kingsley corralled a synthesizer-skilled group of musicians who labored to permeate classical venues with electronic sounds. Kingsley’s involvement in the electronic music industry is storied, but he is best known for “Pop Corn,” a synth-pop production that originates from Music To Moog By.

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