Lost Frequencies talks sophomore LP, ‘Alive And Feeling Fine’ [Q&A]Lost Frequencies Ais 205

Lost Frequencies talks sophomore LP, ‘Alive And Feeling Fine’ [Q&A]

Bearing the name Alive And Feeling Fine, Lost Frequencies‘ sophomore album expanded the producer’s sound across double discs, and catalyzed the launch of a cross-city tour of the same name. As Lost Frequencies’ activity would suggest, it’s safe to say that “feeling fine” would be somewhat of an understatement for the Armada Music signee, as he looks back on a year that was rife with career invigorating advances.

Lost Frequencies caught up with Dancing Astronaut to reflect on the making of his extensive second studio outing, Alive And Feeling Fine.

Congrats on the release of your sophomore album, Alive And Feeling Fine! What did you learn during the making of your debut album, 2016’s Less Is More, that you hoped to reflect on/bring to this one?

Thank you! I learnt a lot about trusting the process and the artists and producers I collaborated with. Sometimes tracks can start with one idea and the finished result could be something completely different, and that’s OK! I hope Alive And Feeling Fine brings joy and positivity to all who listen. I also wanted the album to show how much I’ve grown as an artist between experimenting with more styles and genres, but I want it to still sound like a Lost Frequencies record.

Do you feel that your sound has changed in the time between Less Is More and Alive And Feeling Fine? If so, why, and to what would you attribute this change?

I don’t think it’s hugely changed, but I hope my fans can sense the developments in my sound; I still love producing house music, working with vocalists, and making tracks with an indie feel, and I wanted to push what I wanted these genres to be, [which is why some might have] a more country or rock feel, for example.

Is there a song on the album that you’d say was experimental for you?

I think “Lost Like Us” with Throttle and Kyla La Grange. We really went deeper and almost progressive with that track, but it was also very emotional with Kyla’s vocal. I always find working with other producers and collaborators to be a great opportunity to challenge myself and really push out of my comfort zone. I’m very pleased with the track.

The vocals on “Sweet Dreams” aren’t just from any featured artist—they’re from your girlfriend. How did the idea to have her sing on the track come about and how did she react when you asked her to do so? 

We prefer to keep our relationship personal, so we have never worked on anything together before! She’s a really good singer and I just thought she’d be the perfect fit for “Sweet Dreams.” She was super excited and I’m really proud of the result! 

The new album will be accompanied by the Alive And Feeling Fine tour will notably be your very first live tour. How has the planning of and preparation for this tour differed from others that you’ve plotted in the past given the live format of the tour?

It’s been a lot tougher, but that is the importance of rehearsals! We have a live ensemble which is something I’ve always wanted to do, adding live drums to really elevate tracks, bringing in vocalists on the tour for example. If I’m playing a Lost Frequencies set, I can arrive as a one man show, but as you can imagine, when there are a lot of people and instruments and teams involved, it can take a lot of logistic planning.

I’m really proud of the show we’ve created. The US leg went very well, we sold out New York, which was an amazing feeling and we had European dates on the calendar as well. We even had to add an extra show due to the demand, which is crazy! Thank you to all the fans who have come out and partied with us; I hope you have enjoyed our live takes!

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