LUVRS impress with debut electro-soul and funk-doused single, ‘Lady’LUVRS E1576075889875

LUVRS impress with debut electro-soul and funk-doused single, ‘Lady’

LUVRS’ debut release, “Lady,” is an offer ripe with promise. Its electro-funk, soul, and rock ambiance and infectious groove don’t shy away from a stellar electric guitar solo punctuation. The cool and breezy Brooklyn-based duo is comprised of JAFÉ and DeModa, who combine the former’s soul cadence and multi-instrumentalist groove with the latter’s swinging indie electro production and tight drum play as seen on his slicing heater, “Downtown Glow,” featuring the smokey vocals of Slow Shudder.

The two have worked together in the past, as solo artists on their collaboration, “Her(e),” and now it seems the two had enough of an affinity to continue together as one.

“Lady” is a song about lust, with a kick that hits the listener’s chest like a bowling ball released by the celestial hands of Bob Learn Jr., a funky bassline, wah-ing guitars, and an undeniably funky groove. It’s the first offering off the newly minted duo’s upcoming self-titled EP.

Photo credit: Ekaterina Murphy, Gavin Eastlack

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