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Martin Garrix shares complete two-hour ‘THE ETHER’ ADE show

In terms of electronic music artists who provide the most visually enthralling experiences around, Martin Garrix garners great consideration. For a second straight go-around at this past Amsterdam Dance Event, Garrix hosted his own ANIMA live show on back-to-back nights, this time under the illustrious ETHER masthead. After releasing livestream recordings of all the opening acts, including Brooks B2B Julian Jordan, Loopers, and more, Garrix is officially gifting the more-than-two-hour performance in mesmerizing 4K video. Re-experience the mind-numbing production courtesy of his show director, Gabe Fraboni, as well the rest of the Garrix team.

If releasing the set itself wasn’t satisfying enough for a premature holiday keepsake, the Dutchman laid out the set’s robust, 49-song tracklist in the comment section. From a laser-doused intro rendition of “Home” to his greatest classics like “Pizza,” “Forbidden Voices” and “Spotless,” to six unreleased productions like his “Someone You Loved” remix for Lewis Capaldi, ‘THE ETHER’ positions itself amongst some of Garrix’s all-time performances.

Stream ‘THE ETHER’ in its entirety below. And keep an eye out for updates regarding the exact release date for his collaboration with Matisse & Sadko, John Martin, and Michel Zitron: “Hold On (We’re Almost There),” premiered in the set. Garrix confirmed on an Instagram post that the song will drop officially before 2020.

Featured image: Louis van Baar

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