Nitti Gritti and Funtcase release end-of-the-year heavy bass collaborationNitti Gritti Run And Hyde Single Premiere

Nitti Gritti and Funtcase release end-of-the-year heavy bass collaboration

2019 has been a year full of highlights for multi-genre producer Nitti Gritti. From winning a Latin Grammy award to collaborating with Shaquille O’Neal, from taking over China on Space Yacht‘s Asia debut tour and going viral on Tiktok, Nitti Gritti’s career has seen nothing but exponential growth, and he couldn’t be more deserving. As 2020 quickly approaches, Nitti Gritti has left fans a final parting gift of the decade in the form of bass-heavy Funtcase collaboration, “To Death.”

Circus Records mainstay and DPMO imprint boss Funtcase is a bass music legend. His production expertise and affinity for hard-hitting sounds meshes flawlessly with Nitti Gritti in “To Death.” Featuring bright and concise stabs intertwined with a low and rowdy bass, one can only imagine the damage caused by the inevitably accompanying moshpits. Fans of bass music: take advantage of one of your final fixes of the decade.

Photo credit: Samuel HTC Photography

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