Noisia and The Upbeats link once again on rambunctious ‘Halcyon’Noisia Credit Michel Van Rossum

Noisia and The Upbeats link once again on rambunctious ‘Halcyon’

Noisia and The Upbeats have been making magic for years on noteworthy tunes like 2012’s “Dustup” and “Undertaker,” the 2015 Dead Limit EP, and more. They’ve ranged a wide span of drum ‘n’ bass subcategories over the years, bringing them to their most recent release, “Halcyon.”

The two groups call this production a “happy record,” and their description is correct. It’s decidedly more melodic than the preceding Noisia release with Phace, “non-responsive,” and clocks in at a little more than six minutes. An adventurous melody weaves in and out between the impeccably produced drum ‘n’ bass rhythm, giving the song a refreshing atmosphere. “Halcyon” is out now via Vision Recordings.

Noisia announced they would disband as a group at the end of 2020, citing their evolution as artists over the past 20 years and their interest in pursuing other avenues.

“Noisia is a game that we’ve completed,” the group explained in a note on Sept. 17. “There’s very little left for us to explore together. Noisia is a beautifully consolidated shape. And we want to leave Noisia in that shape, rather than keep chiselling at it, with the risk of ruining it. A good artist should know when an artwork is finished. 

Photo credit: Michel van Rossum

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