Dab the Sky curate awe-inspiring selections ahead of Decadence AZ with new ORBIT playlist [Stream]Dabthesky 1

Dab the Sky curate awe-inspiring selections ahead of Decadence AZ with new ORBIT playlist [Stream]

Having both individually rose as emotive forces in the melodic electronic space, when Said the Sky and Dabin debuted their collaborative pairing “Dab the Sky“, the anticipation for more has triple-folded. The duo’s specialization in ethereal soundscapes and guitar-driven melodies has played out naturally—building off both producers’ touring efforts on Illenium‘s ASCEND run and complementing each others respective artistic styles. The long-time friends and collaborators officially showcased their initial coalition with track, “Superstar” in June 2018 before sweeping fans with the euphoric “Hero“.

Now, Dab the Sky will return to close out the year with a special back-to-back performance at Decadence Arizona. Taking place December 30 and 31 at Rawhide Event Center, the New Year’s Eve celebration annually attracts a formidable coagulation of dance music’s finest. Alongside Dab the Sky, Decadence will see spectacular sets from the likes of Illenium, Skrillex, Diplo, Zeds Dead, and many more.

In Dancing Astronaut‘s latest ORBIT edition, Dab the Sky has curated a nuanced selection of cuts that serve as inspiration ahead of their Decadence appearance. Of the joint duo’s selects, indie grooves and electronic pepper the playlist with Of Monsters and Men, Nightly, Bob Moses, and Tycho gratuitously in the mix. In regards to Tycho, Dabin states,

“I fell in love with Tycho after I stumbled upon their set at Electric Forest. I always thought it would be cool to hear vocals on a Tycho song since their songs are predominantly instrumental. Their new album delivered exactly what I wanted and this is one of my favourites from it.”

On the less electronic edge, Dab the Sky looks to the past for insights, citing diverse sub genres for artistic growth.

“Recently I’ve been going back to the music that inspired me to start making music, even before I started making electronic music. Of Monsters & Men has always been one of my favourite bands and this one off their new album is a bop”

Likewise, the collaborative duo have payed homage to their “sad boi” origins with the inclusion of emo-leaning punk-esque artists including nothing, nowhere and Bring Me The Horizon.

“nothing, nowhere blends my love for the emo bands and hip hop artists I grew up listening to in such a unique way. I always feel nostalgic listening to him”

Having given taste of their upcoming performance, Dab the Sky will bring no shortage of melodic anthems, instrumental cuts, and incisive bass. Grab tickets to Decadence AZ here.

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