Skrillex and Noisia’s Nik Roos collaborate on new anime theme songSkrille Smokin Amazon AWS 2018 Rukes

Skrillex and Noisia’s Nik Roos collaborate on new anime theme song

Skrillex and Nik Roos from Noisia produced the theme song for Obsolete, a mecha-based anime and YouTube original series. The two seasoned producers play with the anime-inspired melody, adding their own individual flare with drum and bass percussion for the intro and Skrillex’s hearty snare and metallic synth fills.

The series is about aliens that visit Earth and trade EXOFRAMES for a thousand kilograms of limestone. EXOFRAMES are super robots that can communicate with their pilots telepathically, which change the world as war sinks the earth into violent chaos.

The pair of producers have a storied history, as Skrillex credits his early success in electronic music to Nik and Noisia, as the group played an instrumental role in giving the former screamo band frontman his start. Sonny Moore would crash at the Noisia pad, and word has it there might still be a grip of unreleased Skrillex works that the drum ‘n’ bass trio have held onto over the years.

Skrillex has made his affinity for Japanese culture clear in his work over time. His sound and person has mixed well with the culture, as earlier this year, he also released another video game theme song for Kingdom Hearts 3, “Face My Fears,” with Japanese-American singer/songwriter, Hikaru Utada. Now, the eclectic producer has an anime theme credit under his belt.

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