Spotify’s newest social feature, ‘Tastebuds,’ in the worksSpotify

Spotify’s newest social feature, ‘Tastebuds,’ in the works

One of Spotify‘s biggest competitive advantages in the music streaming war has always been its social features. The “friend activity” bar available on desktop has always been a fun (though invasive feeling at times) way to check in on friends, and every December social media sites are flooded with year-end Spotify wrapped reports. Now, Spotify looks to capitalize on their advantage further by introducing yet another social feature.

“Tastebuds” will mark new ground for the music streaming giant, offering a way for users to interact within the app rather than sending Spotify links through other platforms. So far, the only description of the addition’s functionality has been discovered in Spotify’s code by Jane Manchun Wong; it reads, “now you can discover music through friends whose taste you trust.”

At this time, there is no information about when the prototype will be available to the public.

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