The Avalanches reappear with remix of The Chemical Brothers [Watch]The Avalanches Credit Photography Steve Gullick. L R James Dela Cruz Robbie Chater And Tony Di Blasi

The Avalanches reappear with remix of The Chemical Brothers [Watch]

Sit back and relax; The Avalanches are back. The Australian sampling legends re-emerge with their first release since 2016’s Wildflower by remixing The Chemical Brothers‘ “Out of Control.” The remix comes just a week after the 20th anniversary release of The Chemical Brothers’ classic record Surrender.

For their “Surrender to Love” mix, The Avalanches strip away “Out of Control’s” upbeat percussion and spastic synth hits in favor of chilled-out pads accompanied by mellow backing vocals and drums. A psychedelic visualizer comes with the new mix to create an overall serene affair. The remix offers a potential taste into what to expect on the outfit’s upcoming LP, which they confirmed to be working on shortly after their remix’s release.

Prior to “Out Of Control” getting redone, The Chemical Brothers kicked off Surrender anniversary celebrations with one of their most iconic cuts to date: “Hey Boy Hey Girl.” The band provided their own “Secret Psychedelic Mix” to the original, while KiNK provided one fit for the modern dancefloor.

Photo credit: Steve Gullick. L-R James Dela Cruz, Robbie Chater and Tony Di Blasi

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