Boris Brejcha and Ginger travel ‘To The Moon And Back’Boris Brejcha Unveils 039To The Moon And Back039 Featuring Ginger

Boris Brejcha and Ginger travel ‘To The Moon And Back’

Boris Brejcha is heading into 2020 as he does most years, joker-masked and starry-eyed. Less than three weeks into the year and he’s already dropped an astronomical track that’s been present in sets for years, titled “To The Moon and Back.”

As with many of Brejcha’s productions that adhere to his nebulous progressive cocktail of sounds, this one is a sonic journey. However, the accompanying video introduces some ambiguity as to the nature of this journey.

Space exploration is a frequent motif in dance music given the abundance of eerie, supernatural sounds in the arena. As such, Brejcha used the video to demonstrate that within artistic context, a trip to the moon can symbolize any voyage as long as the end goal is lofty enough.

In this case, Brejcha is searching for Ginger, the featured vocalist on the track and his real-life lover.

For ostensible hours the pair of crusaders separately traverse the hills and valleys of an unknown desolate region. Searching high and low for one another, the images trace the crests and valleys of the track, leading to the climactic finish when the two join and Brejcha can shed his mask; revealing himself to her and to the universe.

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