CONFESSION deploys house mania in ‘Alchemy VI’  compilationTchami Aurra Shade Ep

CONFESSION deploys house mania in ‘Alchemy VI’ compilation

For many, 2020 has just started, but Tchami is already making moves. Despite relative silence from his solo camp—his last release single being “Rainforest” in August 2019— the house maven has fully capitalized on label efforts through CONFESSION while curating a synergetic presence within the roster, presentation, and sound. Now, CONFESSION follows on its nearly five-year success with a New Year’s Day release of its sixth compilation, Alchemy VI. The Alchemy compilation joins Loge21‘s Unprocessed LP as CONFESSION’s second compilation drop of the year.

Featuring ten tracks from artists like OMNOM, Get Bad, Jesse Marco, Cave Studio, Marco Marz, and more, the latest Alchemy edition finds a return to sinister tastes and an appreciation for the underground. A nuanced showcase, Alchemy VI entices with some selections that dip in the on-trend tech-house lane, others that play with soulful vocal samples, and some that sport bass house groove—all pervaded by an underlying theme of dark and heavy four-on-the-floor energy.

Photo Credit: Michael Tullberg

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