Doctor P taps Virus Syndicate for ‘Smoke & Flames’Doctor P Press

Doctor P taps Virus Syndicate for ‘Smoke & Flames’

When a Circus Records overlord and legendary bass/rap hybrid act combine forces, an exceptional tune is inevitable.

Circus Records co-founder and legendary dubstep producer Doctor P has partnered up with bass and rap fusion duo Virus Syndicate on new scorching single “Smoke and Flames.” This highly anticipated collaboration has been getting rinsed out both in live shows and through high-tier mix series, including Circus Records’ first mixtape of the decade that premiered earlier this week.

Virus Syndicate has been working with a myriad of talented producers lately, including the entire Disciple Records gang, Snails, Kai Wachi, Bossfight, and more. However, this is the first time the two have combined their unique sound with the likes of Doctor P, making this monumental bass alignment worthy of repeated play.

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