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Emerging streaming platform Audius launches new mobile platform

For years SoundCloud has felt like it’s on life support. Say what you will about the platform’s dwindling appeals, but if there’s one entity that’s a sure bet to eventually pull SoundCloud’s plug, it’s Audius. Younger, leaner, designed with artists in mind, and built for the streaming era’s new, more stabilized landscape, Audius is a decentralized digital streaming platform with a few very simple operating principles. Free music forever. No storage limits. No takedowns, ever. And best of all—crisp, high-quality audio. In the four months since Audius opened up shop, the platform has already scooped up more than 100,000 monthly active users. Now, with the launch of their new mobile platform, expect those numbers to skyrocket.

Audius is currently populated by some of dance music’s most in-demand artists, with more flocking to the platform by the day. Ahead of Audius’ mobile launch, Graves told Dancing Astronaut,

“[I’m] so stoked to have all the tracks in Audius on the go with the mobile app. Might have some unreleased stuff going up on there soon…”

Lido, who is currently packing one of the most anticipated electronic records of the year with his upcoming PEDER project elaborates,

“Audius is one of the most exciting things I’ve heard about in a while. This might really affect the community and life around underground music in a major way,”

The Audius mobile application is now available in the iOS app store, with an Android rollout expected to follow in the coming weeks. Audius is poised to alleviate a variety of pain-points still associated with SoundCloud and its competitions, and now, with the platform’s on-the-go functionality, it likely won’t be long before Audius begins gaining a larger marketshare at head-spinning speeds.

Download Audius mobile here

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