Glastonbury tasked with reducing noise levels, managing camping capacity for 2020Glastonbury Leon Neal Getty Images

Glastonbury tasked with reducing noise levels, managing camping capacity for 2020

For its milestone 50th anniversary, Glastonbury 2020 will be tasked with improving several key areas of production including reducing noise levels as delineated by the Mendip District Council. The historical music and cultural event is currently the world’s largest music festival. Glastonbury 2020 will take place June 24 – 28 with headliners Paul McCartney, Taylor Swift, and Diana Ross.

Responsible for the licensing of the festival, Mendip District Council published a debrief report examining nine ways Glastonbury can improve upon and mitigate issues from last year’s event, as reported by SomersetLive. The local council works to ensure both the safety of festival attendees and overall benefit to the local community of Somerset. The report was published before the council’s scrutiny board meeting on Thursday, January 9.

Decreasing noise levels, contingency planning for hot weather, and camping capacity are among a few significant points that the report addressed. Specifically, the council states that more efforts should be made towards preventing “low frequency noise propagation” such as bass beats from reaching intolerable levels after 3:00 a.m. Glastonbury’s 2019 iteration drew 37 total noise complaints.

Other recommendations include ensuring water supply, crowd safety, “welfare arrangements” for workers and volunteers, an increase in toilet sanitation, and increased security.

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