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Grimes and REZZ confirmed for new collaboration

As preceded by much speculation, Grimes and REZZ have once again confirmed they are in the studio together. There has yet to be any hints as to what the upcoming collaboration between the two electronic powerhouses entails or when it arrives, but anticipation from fans has already erupted.

Both artists have been hard at work bringing their boundary-pushing concepts to life through new projects, tours, and more—with Grimes preparing to drop her upcoming LP and REZZ having recently released Yultron-heater, “Hell On Earth” last month. Sharing similar qualities of supernatural mystique, experimental styles and spectral sonics, the fellow Canadian producers subsequent collaboration and admiration for one another comes hardly as a surprise. It also wouldn’t be the first time Grimes has dipped her toes into the darker bass world, having previously teamed up with techno prince i_o on vapory, pop-leaning production, “Violence.”

Grimes’ fifth studio album, Miss_Anthropocene is due February 21. She has released four singles including “So Heavy I Fell Through the Earth“, “4ÆM“, “My Name Is Dark,” and “Violence” leading up to the demon-centric themed LP.

Photo Credit: Russell Linnetz / Billboard

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