GRiZ orchestrates two-day phone-free show in BrooklynGriz Live Credit Chloe Kinally Charlotte Sessions

GRiZ orchestrates two-day phone-free show in Brooklyn

GRiZ is back in Brooklyn for an intimate “no phones” experience that will leave attendees dancing ’til dawn. Avant Gardner will be hosting the two-day event and will work on capturing old-school warehouse vibes with no distractions. These sold-out shows are set to take place on April 3-4.

These low-key, personal Brooklyn shows were surprise-announced on GRiZ’s Instagram. He wanted to arrange a show where the stage is in the crowd so that it is up close and personal with the audience. GRiZ encourages these shows to be as raw as possible, where all jams are freestyle. However, he mentions that a saxophone will still be played throughout the night. Fans can expect a close, private event, where it is just the artist and the audience. GRiZ will be in the middle of the madness, but will play out tunes that keep the crowd moving all night. 

GRiZ orchestrates two-day phone-free show in BrooklynUnnamed

Photo credit: Chloe Kinally

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