Gryffin transforms ‘Body Back’ into an acoustic ballad [Stream]Gryffin

Gryffin transforms ‘Body Back’ into an acoustic ballad [Stream]

Gryffin has garnered acclaim for his mellifluous live instrumentation and ambient electronic arrangements, but temporarily shelves these abilities in his acoustic conversion of “Body Back.” The pop-centric showing from Gryffin’s debut LP, Gravity, arrived less than one week before the album hit streaming platforms and exuded unmistakable radio appeal. Touting sing-a-long-ready lyrical hooks, vocalized by featured artist, Maia Wright, and fluid builds that flirt with Gryffin’s electronic sensibilities, “Body Back” lent itself well not only to airwaves but also to the sanguine sonic personality of the producer’s benchmark LP.

With the acoustic version of “Body Back,” Gryffin makes a revisionist return to his catalog to offer a stripped down rendition of the October 2019 release. Whereas the original is bubbly in character, the acoustic is more muted, but no less heartfelt in lyrical delivery. Wright’s vocal takes center sonic stage on the “Body Back” remake, and supporting instrumentals are minimal. Piano chords undergird Wright’s porcelain vocal contribution, foregrounding her soprano talent as “Body Back” sheds its pop-electronic hybrid styling to lean more into ballad territory.

Featured image: Pat Beaudry

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