KORG to release new wave-sequencing synthesizer, wavestateWavestate

KORG to release new wave-sequencing synthesizer, wavestate

KORG has re-envisioned their seminal synthesizer, Wavestation, and is now readying to release a next-generation wave-sequencing unit. Christened wavestate, the new digital synthesizer builds on the technical foundation of Wavestation, affording users the ability to decouple wave-sequenced rhythms, sounds, and melodies, sequence a greater number of parameters, randomize the step order, and modulate the start and end points.

Beyond these features, wavestation comes equipped with 64 stereo voices, four layers with vector control, 37 full-size keys, modeled filters including MS-20 and Polysix, and gigabytes of samples.

Wavestate, KORG asserts, is “far from a nostalgic reissue.” The hardware has been designed for “a new generation of musicians, producers, and composers,” and will retail in January for $799.99.


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