Lane 8 crafts a melodic house dreamscape on ‘Just’ [Stream]Lane 8 Splash House Goldenvoice

Lane 8 crafts a melodic house dreamscape on ‘Just’ [Stream]

If there’s one thing Lane 8 knows how to do exceedingly well, it’s promote an album release. Only 10 days before his highly anticipated 2020 LP Brightest Lights, Lane 8 has shared his sixth single preceding the album. “Just” is a melodic house dreamscape built around a recurring modulated vocal sample. It keeps a calming energy while an invigorating rhythm gives the song a strong pace, and is yet another indicator that Brightest Lights should be an astonishing album.

It was a busy December for the This Never Happened boss; in addition to releasing Paraleven’s sophomore EP on the label, Lane 8 shared several singles of his own as well as his Winter 2019 mixtape (“Just” premiered as the opening track to the mix). Brightest Lights is scheduled for release on January 10, 2020.

Featured image: Goldenvoice

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