Listen to Adam Beyer’s favorite Drumcode tracks from 2019 [Mix]Image From IOS 89

Listen to Adam Beyer’s favorite Drumcode tracks from 2019 [Mix]

As younger dance music fans move from the main stage to the underground, one of the first names they hear is the ever-present techno trove Drumcode.

Not only did Adam Beyer knock it out of the park with the imprint’s namesake (equal parts informative and enigmatic), over the last two decades his style of throbbing, eerie techno has become a worldwide staple. And with this unmistakable notoriety, Beyer has expanded the sound even further, driving new trends and simultaneously giving a platform to new generations of trendsetters.

If there’s a dedicated techno stage at an electronic music festival, chances are Drumcode will have it’s own night as it has at EDC Vegas, Tomorrowland, Ultra and the list goes on.

2019 was yet another excellent year for the label. Rebūke and Will Clarke made their debuts on the label, and Julian Jeweil released his first full-length LP, Transmission.

With so much great music coming from Drumcode it was difficult for Beyer to choose an hour’s worth of music for his year-end mix (his words), but he was able to do so with the precision that only a revered industry authority like him could manage.

Photo Credit: Jamie Rosenberg

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