Live like you’re dancing with Mura Masa’s latest [Stream]Mura Masa Dancingastronaut

Live like you’re dancing with Mura Masa’s latest [Stream]

Just days before the release of R.Y.C., Mura Masa has shared another single supporting his upcoming album. With the help of vocalist Georgia, “Live Like We’re Dancing” continues Mura Masa’s trend towards sounds more associated with indie rock than electronic. However, the track still carries a strong momentum; the bass line provides the groove while a wavy guitar line underlays Georgia’s uplifting lyrics.

R.Y.C. will be released in full on January 17, with a following tour opening in London a month after. While all signs point towards the album being a stark departure from his self-titled album, the string of singles preceding R.Y.C., including “Teenage Headache Dreams,” indicate Mura Masa can do no wrong.

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