Miley Cyrus settles $300 million ‘We Can’t Stop’ copyright infringement lawsuitMiley Cyrus Mark Ronson Snl Dec 15 2018 Billboard 1548

Miley Cyrus settles $300 million ‘We Can’t Stop’ copyright infringement lawsuit

Miley Cyrus has reportedly settled the $300 million copyright infringement lawsuit over her 2013 smash single, “We Can’t Stop.” Jamaican songwriter, Michael May, known by his stage name Flourgon, opened the lawsuit against Cyrus in March 2018 on the grounds that Cyrus’ song too closely resembled his 1988 song, “We Run Things.” May also sued Cyrus’ manager, Larry Rudolph, the writers and producers of “We Can’t Stop,” her label, RCA Records, and the subsidiary’s owner, Sony Music.

May’s allegations were primarily motivated by the lyrical similarity of “We Can’t Stop’s” line, “We run things/Things don’t run we,” to May’s “We run things/Things no run we.” “We Don’t Stop,” May asserted, was heavily influenced by “We Run Things.”

May, Cyrus, Sony, and other defendants, including a production team that involved producer, Mike Will Made It, moved to dismiss the lawsuit with prejudice in Manhattan federal court on January 3. A dismissal with prejudice signifies that the ruling court has made a final decision on the merits of the case and consequently prevents the plaintiff from filing another lawsuit on the same grounds in the future. In a December 12 letter, Cyrus’ legal team announced that a settlement agreement had been reached and would be filed “pending payment of the settlement proceeds,” but did not disclose the settlement terms.

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