Mura Masa shares his most emotive track to date, ‘Teenage Headache Dreams’ [Stream]Mura Masa Courtesy Of Coachella 2017 Photo By Roger Ho

Mura Masa shares his most emotive track to date, ‘Teenage Headache Dreams’ [Stream]

Mura Masa‘s self-titled 2017 album was one of the most forward-thinking dance albums of that year, blending pop melodies with quirky tropical production to achieve critical and commercial success. Since then, Mura Masa’s sound has been trending towards rock and indie-inspired sounds. His November release, the Slowthai-assisted bop, “Deal Wiv It,” is centered around a gritty, punk rock bass line while keeping an EDM-esque song structure.

Mura Masa’s latest, however, “Teenage Headache Dreams,” is his most emotive material to date. Vocalists Ellie Roswell and Wolf Alice wistfully sing of their younger years while an acoustic guitar intro sets the tone. Complete with a guitar solo and vocoded spoken word breakdown, “Teenage Headache Dreams” feels more like an indie pop track than a dance track. Goodbye Mura Masa, dance producer; Hello Mura Masa, indie rock star.

In addition, to the song’s release, Mura Masa posted a short clip explaining his upcoming album and tour. R.Y.C.‘s release date is slated for release January 17. The album’s supporting tour begins February 20 in London. View the full schedule here.

Photo Credit: Ben Brook

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