Northside Festival announces phase one tickets for… 2049?105 Northside Credit Peter Kirkegaard

Northside Festival announces phase one tickets for… 2049?

If you’ve been looking for something to do during the summer of 2049, then Denmark’s Northside Festival has got you covered. The Aarhus indie and electronic event just announced possibly the earliest bird tickets ever for Northside—in 2049.

Mark your calendars just 29 years in advance and save a whopping 87% on tickets to Northside. Weekend passes to this year’s festival (psh) cost a total of $215, but book a few decades ahead of time and first phase tickets aren’t even 30 bucks.

The festival’s Sustainability Manager Martin Thim agrees with the masses that nobody truly knows whether or not Northside will actually exist in 30 years, but tells DR in an interview that the campaign is part of a bigger picture, stating “we want to start a discussion and consideration of what the world will look like in 30 years.”

The announcement also represents a joint promotion between Northside Festival and Danica Pensions, who, in a press statement say they are ultimately hoping to get young people (specifically Danes) to “fill their futures with the things they love today.”

In previous years, Northside Festival has featured indie titans and electronic behemoths alike, covering the spectrum from Radiohead to Richie Hawtin, and Bjork to The Prodigy. This year’s festival is set to take place June 4 – 6. Tickets for Northside 2049 will be available through Ticketmaster starting on January 16.

Via: Danish Broadcasting Corporation

Featured image: Peter Kirkegaard

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